Searching for the best home gym equipment for home use? Whether you now prefer working out from home, in your newly-built home gym that is, or you are

planning to return to your gym but you want to take your own gear, see below for our top-rated exercise equipment. We're talking everything from yoga

blocks to spin bikes and aerobic steppers, for teeny homes, smaller budgets or even if you want to spend a few £££s on the best equipment you can buy

right now.

Put that gym membership money into your savings account and get sweaty inside your living room, garage, your bedroom or even a garden (weather-

permitting) –  or your new dedicated home gym, of course. Keep scrolling for home gym equipment buys to spend your money on in 2021. You'll see a

quick rundown below, where you can click through to buy each product, or scroll further down this page for full reviews.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly and easy to use an exercise bike for home use, then

this one should be it. We've been using this exercise bike for quite some time now, five times a week, and we are impressed. Not only is it quite compact

to store, but it also has a range of workout programmes so you can mix up your workout routine. That and it has four user settings so more than one person

can use the bike in your home, while there are 32 resistance levels to offer a sweaty workout.

When in use
On initial setup, you can set a user programme from one to four and input your gender, age, weight and height so it knows who is using the

machine. We've used this spin bike in manual mode and tried every one of the programmes. We

prefer the programmes as they give structure to our workout and keep us motivated, and it's even better than you can tailor them to suit your needs. By

this, we mean that you can input a time or distance, or the number of calories you'd like to burn, and the programme will run until you reach your goal.

You can also set the 'load' which is the starting resistance, based on your fitness level or how hard you want to push yourself. This bike

automatically ups the resistance for you, though you can change it at any time by turning the flat button on the console. After your workout is finished, the

machine will beep to let you know. From here you can either finish or head to manual mode to cool down.

Practising yoga at home? You can't go wrong with the Yoga items: they feature alignment markers

so that you know where your hands and feet should be while posing. It's great for those who usually attend a yoga class and rely on help from their

instructor when going from one position to another.

An easy (read: fun) way to get your heart rate up, this one is our pick of the best fitness trampolines you can buy. Fitness trampolines are smaller

versions of your classic outdoor trampoline and are otherwise known as a trampette.