ShangHai TangPin Technology Co.,LTD is one of the leading comprehensive optical communication manufacturer in the industry, products covering fiber patch cable, FTTH cable, fiber distribution terminal box, splice closure, copper cable, management patch panel, cabinet, SFP modules, all accessories that FTTx network, PDS Installation & IDC Solution required.
Since establishment in 2005, TANGPIN constantly has been bringing in advanced production machines, equipping professional killed engineers, and optimizing management experiences, with a full-heart concentration on improving our quality, R&D, Innovation & customer service. After years endeavor, TANGPIN has expanded and developed rapidly. So far, TANGPIN has been exported to 80+ countries, serving 2000+ customers, mainly ISPs & Carriers, having established a long-term business and reaching a mutual benefit with our customers.
TANGPIN will consist on continuous innovation & improvement on better fulfillment customer requirements, aiming to provide customer safe, reliable, high-quality products & excellent service at reasonable prices. We are committed to the advancement and development of the global communications technology and optical communications industry.FC Fiber Optic Adapter price