Hero metal new generation aluminum alloy window decoration track has been hardened to increase the hardness and load-bearing capacity. It provides quality assurance for some large-span and thickened curtain fabric accessories, and it is not easy to deform. Thus, the application scope of window decoration track is increased. Flexible Aluminum Industrial Curtain Track is a kind of window decoration accessories used for hanging curtains, so that the curtains can be opened and closed, and the curtain cloth art can be increased.
Home is the only place in the world where human shortcomings and failures are hidden. It also contains sweet love. The warmth of home is inseparable from the perfect match of home decoration. Curtains are magic to change the expression of the home. With the change of seasons, the taste of the home arises spontaneously. As the carrier of the curtain, the ever-changing curtain track is constantly performing the perfect home "t-show".
To install the Flexible Aluminum Industrial Curtain Track, first measure the width of the window, so as to select the appropriate size of the window track, and check whether the number of installation accessories and fixings is complete. Then you need to make marks on the track to determine the installation, and then use an electric drill to punch holes in the wall and nail in the expansion glue nails. At this time, you need to install all the accessories on the track, and finally fix the curtain track on the wall.Customized Curtain Track