FUJI Panoramic Elevator Price VVVF Control Panoramic Glass Elevator
Small Machine Room Circular Panoramic Elevator
We can make 1.0m/s ,1.5m/s,1.75m/s,2.0m/s speed elevator.
In our factory we have a test tower have 33 tower, 7m/s. Wish you have a chance to visit!
Parameter and Specification Table
Our Services
Help Customers Source in China to reduce their cost
鈼?To provide customers with whole purchasing plan of elevator parts;
鈼?To find out the best conjunction point between quality and price in order to reduce costs for them.
How to develop the suppliers for customers
鈼?To get customers' need through communicating.
鈼?To find out three to four manufactures of the corresponding parts according to the request of the customers.Ask price
鈼?and get samples from the manufactures.
鈼?To visit the factory (acknowledge the production ability and quality control process).
鈼?Basing on the price, sample and visiting, recommend manufacturers to our customers.
How to help customers order from the qualified suppliers
鈼?Follow the process of the order.
鈼?Send QC to inspect on site before shipping to acknowledge the product quality.
鈼?Transfer the response from the customers to the suppliers on time, and follow up the improvement.
FUJI panoramic elevators start in design, development and technology. Our engineers excavated deeply the possibilities of transparent cars and shafts to expose stunning views and technical solutions. All our efforts on design, safety, intelligence, efficiency and energy-saving have the only purpose which is to satisfy our valued customers and passengers and give them the best impression and valuable joy.
They are featured by energy saving,high efficiency,and excellent safety,They are widely used in the large architects such as hotels and office buildings,adding beautiful scenery to modern cities.Panoramic Elevator